This document must be read, approved and signed before departure


Quad Events cannot ascertain or verify the general health, physical fitness or general ability to operate an all-terrain motorcycle/quad biking/atv/ssv of its customers. It is the responsibility of each individual to verify, by a prior medical check-up, his or her ability to undertake the chosen excursion.

Quad Events cannot be held responsible for any lack of judgment by the client pertaining to the above points and reserves the right to prohibit the inclusion of any persons not meeting the criteria listed below:

. Having a good general state of health.
. Being physically fit.
. Having previous experience operating an all-terrain motorcycle/quad biking

All riders MUST be above 18 years of age and MUST have held a valid drivers’ license for motorcycles for at least one year in order to ride a motorcycle/quad bike/atv/ssv.

Quad Events offers discovery and adventure trails which involve off-road and all-terrain driving, requiring responsible driving by all at all times (see “Security”).

All participants are fully aware of the risks involved and assume full responsibility.

The client is solely responsible for any physical, mental and/or material damage caused to him/her or a third party and relieves
Quad Events and all its employees of any responsibility.

Quad Events deny any responsibility for any adverse effects relating to the health of the participant or caused to a third party during the circuit or subsequently appearing as a consequence of participating in the circuit.

The management of Quad Events reserve the right, as is a rule in any adventure experience, to disqualify from the tour any person(s) whose conduct and/or actions jeopardizes the successful conclusion of the tour, his/her life and health and that of others, or which contravene existing Morocco and regulations. Persons are also subject to disqualification from the tour by repeated negligence or abuse of the motorcycle and/or equipment. No refund or reimbursement will be granted under these circumstances.


All drivers MUST possess a valid insurance covering all-terrain motorcycle riding  and its inherent risks; cancellation/discontinuation of the tour, accidents to themselves or to a third party, medical costs (hospitalization, surgery, medical transportation, medical evacuation and repatriation). The insurance should also cover eventual loss of personal effects.

The original of your insurance policy will be required before the departure of the tour. Quad Events cannot accept the participation of anyone not in possession of insurance covering the risks detailed above in Article 2.


all reservations must be made in writing, either by mail, fax or email, but will only be valid upon signature of enrolment register.

Any registration will only be valid upon receipt of a deposit of 50%. The remaining balance must be settled no later than 30 days prior to the departure of the tour. Any customer having not settled the remaining balance by the specified date will be considered as having cancelled their reservation and will be subject to the corresponding penalties. If registration occurs less than one month before departure of the tour, the entire amount for the tour must be paid.

Quad Events

The client cannot claim any indemnity if the cancellation is caused by circumstances of Force Majeure or for reasons of the security of the participants.

Cancellations due to insufficient number of participants: Our tours are generally subject to a minimum number of participants, 3 persons (2 under special circumstances). In the case the minimum number of participants is not attained 20 days before departure of the tour, the tour may be cancelled and any fees paid by the client will be reimbursed in its entirety.
Quad Events will however do its utmost to propose a satisfactory alternative solution.


Any cancellation regardless of its time and date must be made in writing. Reimbursement procedures will only be considered under this condition. In case of cancellation, reimbursement is subject to deduction of cancellation fees listed below in accordance with the date of cancellation:

+30 days prior to departure: 100€ / person
29 to 15 days prior to departure: 30% of the cost of the tour.
14 to 3 days prior to departure: 50% of the cost of the tour.
One day prior to departure: 90% of the cost of the tour.


By bank transfer to
AIRZOONE MAROC bank account.



ATV/ Quad Biking and SSV Tours in Morocco