Practical Information


Morocco is located within the latitude and longitude of 32° 00 N, 05º 00 W, on the westernmost tip of North Africa. It is surrounded by two water bodies that are the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea

Population Density

48 per sq kms


Some of the visitors of Morocco get access with only a valid identity card. These travelers may have some problems. We hereby advice you to be equipped with a valid passport at least a 3 month validity.


The Moroccan currency is the dirham (MAD). Currently 1 € is about 11 Dirhams.


There are exchange offices and banks in big cities. There are also several ATMS whereby you can use your VISA or Mastercard.

Payment card

They are generaly accepted by hotels , restaurants and shops.

Time zone differences

Morocco is in the Greenwich time zone, and time is G.M.T.

Some elementary hygiene advice

Hereby some healty adbvice to follow:

Drink mineral water.

Do not expose your body to sun for long hours.

Wash your hands before meals.

pharmacies are equipped with well-trained doctors

Necessary tools

It is advisable to bring your own equipments: helmet, boots or ankle boots, camel-back, goggles, gloves,rain suit and Enduro jacket and pants of protection. One of our services is to rent you a helmet, a pair of gloves, goggles. We are afraid that our tools may not give you the comfort of your own equipments. But do not worry, we will discuss all these arrangements before your arrival!


For a successful Trail, It is mandatory to provide us with a certificate from your insurance company stating your exposures secured, particularly in terms of repatriation and assistance insurance (see you vehicle assistance warranty, blue card…)

ATV/ Quad Biking and SSV Tours in Morocco